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Dreams of Steam
No. 1                                  FRIDAY 21st OF AUGUST                                PRICE £10


A Steampunk Night
Big Red Door
8.30pm - 3am
The R1001 pictured here as she departed Lady Lawson Street
The R1001 pictured here as she departed Lady Lawson Street
After the R1001's recent tour of the borders of Her Majesty's empire and colonies the airship and her crew will be joining the Lady Lawson for their quarterly Rest and Recreation.

We cordially invite all Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Realm to adorn their finery and join us aboard the R1001 when it docks behind tePOOKa's Big Red Door on the 21st of August 2009 at 20:30hrs for Edinburgh's first Steampunk extravaganza. Entertainment will be provided from our New York colony by Mr Thomas Truax and a demonstration of the South American charango from Messrs Karmadillo. A radio play shall be performed live. All under the watchful eye of our announcer Mr Andrew J. Wilson.


Karmadillo bring the sound of a South American folk instrument known as a charango and tie it to a Divine Comedy style of song writing to produce a wide range of songs that have been described as "Hawaiiain Beach music gone wrong" to a "cheered up Leonard Cohen". Lyrically its sometimes comedy, sometimes its sadness and sometimes its political, but its always heartfelt and tied to melodies that will buzz around your head for weeks later.

And as the Edinburgh Steampunk Night will be a slightly different platform than their storming appearance at the London Ukulele Festival earlier on this year expect a specially crafted one man show!

"what any audience really wants is songs, and here Karmadillo deliver in spades"
"Rishi's reputation for weird and wonderful lyrics such as those featured in 'Rent Boy' and 'What Happens to Porn Stars' always leaves you wondering where he's going to go next lyrically"


To commemorate the return of the R1001 to the Home Islands the Imperial Broad-casting Service will be transmitting from the docking port. There will be news from the Empire and acceptable foreign ports, a live report of the Coronation Jubilee celebrations, a thrilling account of Imperial explorers and military exploits upon the hidden planet of Venus. Prepare to be elucidated, informed and thrilled.

Mr Thomas Truax
Mr Thomas Truax by Mr Andrew Werner.

New York City's Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) is a left field troubadour and inventor/player of strange self-made instruments like his now legendary 'Hornicator' and a motorized mechanical drum machine called 'Sister Spinster'. He employs these and other contraptions as well as traditional instruments in exceptionally crafted, witty and often touching songs. Splendid magazine called him "one of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you've never heard exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison, yet fairly accessible even to casual listeners."

He's got three acclaimed original albums under his belt ( 'Audio Addiction', 'Full Moon Over Wowtown', and 'Why Dogs Howl at the Moon') and his fourth, 'Songs From The Films Of David Lynch'(SL/Psycho Teddy records 2009), is his first all-covers album. He has toured nearly constantly for the past seven years, including support tours with the Dresden Dolls and Duke Special. He's played Glastonbury and Edinburgh Fringe festivals and appeared on MTV. His own radio serial, The Wowtown News, plays on Resonance FM in London.

"Inventive and Romantic" -TimeOut
"Beguilingly Bizarre" -Uncut
"Genius" -NME

Dress to impress.
Steampunk, Victoriana, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, HG Wells, Jules Verne, Lords, Ladies, Adventurers, Explorers and various Royalty of far flung foreign lands.

With great thanks to Rhona from the UK Steampunk LiveJournal community we now provide a list of companies that furnish Steampunk regalia...
Please click here for said list.

Tickets are now available for purchase from the Big Red Door box office on Lady Lawson Street 12pm - 5pm, calls maybe placed by ones staff to reserve tickets on 0131 229 1480



A stall of curios & creations by Inkzoo to compliment her gallery on the approach to your embarkation.

A selection of merchandise will be available from our hand picked entertainers.


Amanda Palmer, HMV Picturehouse, 22nd August 2009.

Kindly click above advertisement for further details and booking information.



Alba Ad Astra

We are pleased to announce an exhibit of Mr Thomas P. Campbell's writings in Rocketry Scotland. These documents, researched by Mr Gavin Inglis, form a section of a larger display of works relating to experimental rocket science in Scotland entitled Alba ad Astra. For the month of August the newsletters will be on show in Transreal Fiction, the esteemed literary emporium at 7 Cowgatehead, The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, where you will be made most welcome between the hours of 11am and 6pm on weekdays, 10am to 6pm on Saturdays and 12noon to 5pm on Sundays

On your visit you will also be able to view a selection of photographic plates by Mistress Madeleine Shepherd, the well-known Edinburgh "blue stocking", including a particularly fine representation of Lord Strathbungo's Improved Skyrocket Manufactory. The plates are complemented by a selection of texts from such Scottish luminaries as Mr Kenneth MacLeod, Mr Andrew C. Ferguson, Mr Andrew J Wilson and Mistress Kirsti Wishart with additional contributions from Fergus Currie Esq. of Athens, Greece. The collected writings and images chronicle Hector MacKracken's attempts to locate his missing father, William, who is feared lost in a misfired rocket experiment.

The portfolio of plates and texts are assembled in small booklet, also entitled Alba ad Astra, to facilitate your more considered assessment of the research undertaken. It can be purchased in person on your visit to the aforementioned Transreal Fiction or ordered for postal delivery from




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